Unite and Lead

Programming VP Jocelyn Moellering

Hello Michigan Jaycees! 2017 is upon us and I know you're all looking forward to making positive change in your community this year. I'm excited to be serving as your Programming Vice President.

I joined the Rochester Area chapter in 2008 and have been a dual member of Petoskey Area since their re-charter in 2012. While serving as a programming director on the state board for the past two years, I was so inspired by all of the amazing things the Michigan Jaycees are doing in their respective chapters. I can't wait to see the impact you make on your members and in your communities this year.

As Programming Vice President, my job is to provide resources, guidance, and feedback for the programs and projects you run in your chapter. My team and I will provide support for Chapter Plans, Single Project Entries (SPEs), Civic Leadership Certification (CLC), Passport to Civic Leadership (Degrees), Competitions, local board Incentives, Jr. Jaycees Incentives, and Jayteens Degrees. You can find resources for all that and more in the Programming, Recognition, and Competitions folder under 2017 via the Michigan Jaycees website. 

Effective communication between the programming team and the local chapters is my main goal this year. Please reach out to me and my team with any questions or suggestions you have. You can reach me at jmoellering@mijayees.org. Thanks and Happy New Year!


Local presidents and vice presidents, please join the Facebook group "2017 Unite & Lead Programming Forum." for updates with important programming information and to ask questions and communicate with presidents and VPs from around the state.

Also familiarize yourself with the resources and materials provided in the Programming, Recognition, and Competitions folder in the 2017 folder, particularly the Programming and Recognition manual. A chapter plan template and tips for strategic chapter planning can also be found there.

Jaycees benefit best from their membership when participating in the Civic Leadership Certification (CLC) program! To participate, email Programming VP Jocelyn Moellering the name(s) and email(s) of the person(s) filling out the form to jmoellering@mijaycees.org by January 31. It will be completed online and I will need to provide them access to the form.

The programming team is also reintroducing incentives for VPs, directors, secretaries, and treasurers using a checklist to help board members achieve success. Checklists will be completed and submitted online at the end of each trimester. You can find the checklists in the Programming and Recognition manual, pages 36-47. The short links to fill out and submit the checklists can be found there as well.

Submit your 2017 Chapter plans now through the Submission Portal