Training Director - Stephanie Gerds - Feb

Hello Michigan Jaycees!

Regular registration for Year End Conference may have ended, but there is still time to late register and take advantages of the training sessions at conference!

Still haven't decided which training sessions to attend? Here are the sessions offered:

Training Session 1:

"Focus and Breakthrough" a President's Training with MIJC 92nd President Steve Pickelmann and 2016 Presidents Coach Steve Fappas - There will be demonstrations on the power of focus as well as interactive training on breaking through barriers. Other topics will include getting the most out of Conference, Presidents remarks, and an in depth question and answer period.

"Self Defense, Be the One That Gets Away!" with Jennifer Mansfield - Learn how to protect yourself before and after you are approached by a “bad guy.”  This will be an introduction to self-defense and will be a hands on program.  Gentleman, this is not just for the ladies!

"Making The Most of Your Year as VP Through JCI Tools with VP Erin Poltorak and the 2016 Programming Team - There is an abundance of JCI Tools available to you and your chapter. We will discuss where they are, what they do and how you can utilize them to make the most of your year. Tools we will discuss are the Active Citizens Framework, Trainings, National Programs, etc. You should attend as a VP or as a member interested in learning more about JCI tools available for your sucess and development.

Training Session 2:

"How To Make The Most Out of Your Membership" with Membership Director Michelle Kelley and the 2016 District Director Team - Do you have questions like: What's a PMG? What's this passport thing I've heard people speak of? I want to share and get more young people involved, how do I do that? How do I help other members become active and involved? Your 2016 Membership team will give you the answers and show you the tools to become the best Jaycee you can be. Bring your questions, and project ideas as there will be time for us to bounce ideas off one another too.

"Standing Out in 6 Seconds: Resume Writing" with Kristin Garskta - Did you know that it takes HR just 6 seconds to scan your resume and determine if you are worth a deeper look?  That may sound shocking, but take it from an HR professional, it's true! Do you ever wonder how people make it to the next round?  In this training, learn how to make an impression and jump in front of other candidates! Be sure to bring your current resume to make real-time modifications.

"Strategic Marketing for Non-Profits and Small Businesses" with Reagan Marketing - Join representatives from Reagan Marketing as they present on Strategic Marketing for Non-Profits and Small Businesses. This presentation will cover an overview of traditional marketing- what tools are effective, including search engine optimization and marketing as well as a discussion on social media, content marketing and search engine optimization in today's digital world.

Training Session 3:
"Model Legislature Informational Session" with Heather Harris and Anna Versalle - This informational session provides an opportunity to go over how Model Legislature is run. Topics to be covered include how to read a bill, basic parliamentary procedure, and selection of Party Leaders. Members who attend the info session will receive a discount code off of registration. 

I am happy to be serving as your 2016 Training Director and I hope to see all of you in Grand Rapids!

​February Michigander​