Training Director Eric Roffe - Feb

We have been working hard to get all the trainings set for February conference. We have three trainings session all lined up. The first training session will be 90 minutes.  The second and third sessions will be 60 minutes each. This year we have changed things up a little bit. You will need to register for your trainings before conference. This is for two important reasons. First, we want to better prepare our trainers for what is going on. The second is so we can make sure everyone can fit into the rooms.

For this conference there is a third reason, which is lunch. A box lunch is going to be ready for those that register in advance for the second session of trainings.

A few of these trainings will be ongoing trainings at each conference:

Session 1

  • Lights, Camera, Action: Creating Better Videos in a Digital World
  • Getting Creative: Social Media is the *ew* Social Marketing
  • Being a Legen-(wait for it)-dary Orator
  • Conflict is Unavoidable in Our Lives

Session 2 (lunch included with advanced registration)

  • Who's On First? Part 1
  • Local President Forum Part 1
  • So I'm new, Now what?
  • It is Better to be Seen than Heard
  • District Director Forum

Session 3

  • Who's On First? Part 2
  • Local President Forum Part 2
  • How to pass a project on down the generations.
  • All about that Money!

An email will go out to those who have registered for conference on Eventbrite once the training registration is live.

I am starting to book May trainings. Is there a training you would like to see this year? If so please let me know.

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