Training Program

The Jaycees works to improve the skills of its members through its diverse Training Program.  In addition to sponsoring a local organization training school each year, the Michigan Jaycees provides a series of trainings at each of three conferences held each year, in addition to a series of webinars held on a regular basis.  Past and present members of the state Board of Directors are often asked to come and train on a variety of topics at local chapter functions as well.  In addition, Junior Chamber International hosts a comprehensive training program on the skills and tools necessary to be an effective trainer, from content creation to speaking skills to handout creation, etc.

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Competitions Program

The Michigan Jaycees Professional Skills Competitions Program is designed to improve and showcase the skills and talents of our members. These competitions allow members to become more confident in presenting themselves both verbally and in written format; skills which can be transferred to a member’s personal and professional life.

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Recognition Program

With over 30 Junior Chamber Chapters around the state taking action to make concrete positive change, the competition is fierce in the Michigan Junior Chamber Awards & Recognition program.  The best projects and initiatives compete on a state level where entries are evaluated by a panel of judges.  The Michigan Junior Chamber will announce the best of the best at the Awards Ceremony at the State Conferences where you can witness why the Junior Chamber is one of the state's leading network of active citizens.

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