Programming Vice President Heather L. Harris - Feb

Greetings, Jaycees!

I know you are all hard at work laying out your plans for the next 11 months. As you review your chapter plans, we invite you to consider how your goals and action items fit within the following ideas:

  • Invest – Create a financial plan that allows for long-term goals
  • Motivate – Inspire members to create positive change
  • Collaborate – Work with like-minded partners to expand the reach of impact
  • Connect – Create an environment for individuals to connect with local, state and global community
  • Impact – Create sustainable impact in the community

These are the “pillars” of the JCI Action Plan and are incorporated into the 2015 MIJC Action Plan as well. We will continue to expand on these ideas and what they mean throughout the year, and once the MIJC plan of action is complete, it will be accessible in the document library. Keep in mind, we aren’t requiring or requesting that you change your local plans, but we want you to be familiar with these concepts.

We encourage you to submit your initial chapter plans for review. The deadline for this is Feb. 27, 8 p.m. Eastern Time. Members of the 2015 team will review your plan and offer feedback on how to improve or ways the state can assist with your goals. The 2015 recognition and programming manuals will be released in February. And as always, if you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask myself or any member of the 2015 Programming Team: 

Programming Vice President: Heather Harris
Programming Directors: Jocelyn MoelleringErin VerBerkmoes, and James "Jed" Dreher.


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