Programming Vice President Erin Poltorak - Jan

It’s officially 2016 and we are ready to Ignite the Passions of the membership!! The programming team has been working hard the last few months to finesse the recognition and competition manuals, along with the Civic Leadership Certification. All of these files will be available to chapter’s mid-January.  Submissions for year end 2015 are due January 8th at 8PM.
The programming team is not just here for recognition but to help further your chapters with items like chapter planning, board planning, and membership activity execution. Feel free to send your chapter plans our way as soon as you have them together. I will be contacting presidents in the next month and start to travel to chapters do discuss what we can help with and what we can provide to you. You can email me directly at
You can always contact anyone on the programming team any time with questions but each director will also have their area of expertise.

Jocelyn Moellering  ~ ~ CLC
Kristin Garstka ~ ~ Competitions
Beth Plant ~ ~ Degrees
I can’t emphasis the usage of the MIJC Document Library enough. All manuals (once released) will be out on the website. You can also find other items to help your chapter such as blank chapter planning guides and tips, and a blank PMG.
I can’t wait to work with everyone in 2016! 

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