Programming News

Programming VP Jocelyn Moellering

Hello Michigan Jaycees!

In completing your chapter planning for 2017, you have an opportunity to decide as a chapter what sort of programming you want to provide to your membership and to your community. Your programming determines the impact your chapter will have for the year.

How will you develop, train, and grow your membership? How will you grow your chapter resources for future programming? How will you bridge new connections with local organizations and government? How will you create positive change in your community?

All of these pieces work together to provide value in the Jaycees organization. We look forward to seeing all the ways your chapter will work together as one to build leaders and create positive change!

Chapter Plan Submissions Due February 24th!


Your programming team is looking forward to reading and reviewing your 2017 Chapter Plan of Action and providing you with feedback. Your Chapter Plan is due by 8 p.m. Friday, February 24 but you are welcome to submit it at any time before that.

Go to to upload your Chapter Plan, proof of chapter insurance, articles of incorporation from the state of MI (through LARA), and your chapter Constitution & Bylaws. Please let me know if you need help locating these additional items. Also, even if you have insurance through the Michigan Jaycees, please include a copy of the email confirmation your insurance is paid for and up-to-date.