President Steve G. Pickelmann - Jan

Hello fellow Michigan Jaycees,
I hope that you had a great Holiday season.  We ended the 2015 year very strongly as a state organization.  Now that we have had a few weeks off for the holidays, I hope that you are reinvigorated and ready to start up 2016 with the same head of steam that we closed out last year with.  We have the great opportunity to make a greater impact in our communities in 2016 than we have in a long time.  
I look forward to working with each chapter this year, and also know that there will be some struggles along the way.  Some struggles will be easily overcome, while other ones will be a little more difficult.  I have always viewed life as the following:  "If the end result was easy to come by, it may not be the end result that was needed.  Things that take time and commitment to accomplish, somehow seem that much sweeter when they are accomplished."
Take the time to work hard along the way this year, but enjoy the successes as well.  Take the next step in your Jaycee "career", and cherish it.  Look to your peers for help to accomplish your goals, and do the same in return.  The more we work together, the easier it will be to achieve our goals and to truly create the positive impact we offer our members and communities.
In the words of Howard Thurman:  "Don't ask yourself what the world needs.  Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that.  Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."  
Let's go out there and Ignite the Passions of those around us.  My main goal this year is to bring out the best person that I can be, and to do the same for everyone around me.
In Jaycees,

Steven G. Pickelmann
92nd President
Michigan Junior Chamber

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