President Steve G. Pickelmann - Feb

Hello Fellow Michigan Jaycees,

It is hard to believe we are through one month of 2016 already.  The first month of the year is one that is action-packed full of planning and prepartion.  I hear your local boards of directors are putting together great plans for 2016.  Looking ahead, I encourage you to personally ask yourself if you are making an impact in your community?  My hope is that the answer to that question is yes.  I challenge each of us to take our plans and put them into action working individually as well as collectively as Jaycees.

I am happy to see the great impact our chapters have made in their communities in the past year, and now into this first part of the new year.  One of the areas our organization can make great contributions will be with efforts to ease the affects of the Flint Water Crisis.  I'm happy to see that there has been great partnership and collaboration across our state and other Jaycee states.  Please keep up the great ideas and work to positively impact our fellow citizens.

The first month of the year was a busy one for me, with a great amount of travel.  I enjoyed visiting 1/2 of our chapters in the month of January, my plan is to be able to get out to the other 1/2 of chapters in February.  I look forward to seeing or meeting you soon, either at the Leadership Conference in Grand Rapids or in your local communities.  Keep up the great work, and make sure that as you continue to impact your communities that you Ignite Your Passion along the way.

In Jaycees,
Steven G. Pickelmann
92nd President
Michigan Junior Chamber

​February Michigander​