President Matthew A. Sernau - Feb

Impact is change. Impact is action.
Change for the future. Action for society. Impact for the better.
Impact is the result of collective action.

Fellow Michigan Jaycees, Impact is a term that we use regularly in our organization. However, you can't put impact in a box or carry it around in a bucket. Car crashes have impact. Boxing matches have impact. While we say it frequently, it can be extremely difficult to quantify or describe as it relates to the work we do for our members and our local communities. Community and personal impact are one of those "know it when you see it" type things.

As we look back throughout the history of the Jaycees, there are many success stories of impact that we can share. From new parks and playgrounds, airports and homeless shelters, to a list of notable community and political leaders who credit the Jaycees for their success. I challenge you to look at your activities and your plans for the coming year. Are you engaged to make long term impact? Are you working to at least lay the groundwork for sustainable impact? Are you giving a man a fish or teaching him how to fish? What is going to be your "know it when you see it" moment?

Let's work together and use the vast resources of the Jaycee movement to let our communities and our state see what impact truly does look like. I hope that you have a wonderful month and look forward to seeing you in Troy to celebrate the success and impact that our organization has had in 2014.

Matthew A. Sernau
91st President
Michigan Junior Chamber

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