President Steve G. Pickelmann

Hello Michigan Jaycees,

We made it through the first half of the year.  Have you hit your goals that you set forth for yourself back at New Year’s, both personally and Jaycees-wise?  After having just gone through our 2nd quarter membership closeout, it made me think about a lot.

We can accomplish our goals when we make it personal.  By that, I mean to pick up the phone and make the call, or to have a face-to-face interaction with another human.  Too often, we rely on Facebook, email, or other social media to get the message out.  Hell, I’m guilty of it also.

Going through closeout gave me the opportunity to exercise the practice of picking up the phone and seeing how people across the state were doing.  Some people were probably thinking, oh crap, why is Steve calling me?  Instead of just getting into business (what is going on with your undecided members?), we got into a conversation about how life is going for each other.

When we actually have conversations, and care about our members, it helps them feel included, and gives them a good feeling.  It also helps them to want to take ownership of their duties:  running a chapter, holding a board position, chairing a project, or anything else in the Jaycees.

Take the time now to reflect on what your goals were 6 months ago, and update them.  If you hit them already, make them bigger than what they were.  If you haven’t hit them yet, reevaluate to see if they are still attainable.

The more we work together, the easier it will be to create positive change in our communities and our great state of Michigan.

I hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th of July weekend.

In Jaycees,

Steve G Pickelmann
92nd President
Michigan Junior Chamber