From the President Matthew A. Sernau

Discover Your Passion
A common theme for the Jaycees is to follow your passions. Do things that make you want to get up in the morning. There’s only one thing missing: what if you don’t have any passions? Everyone has interests, but how do your find your passion from your interests? Enjoying playing video games is very different than spending thousands of hours designing your own game.
The best way to start isn’t with a survey or a test. Tests and questionaires can limit your scope and potentially be misleading. The best way to proceed is to try many different things and see what you truly enjoy. Staying safe and familiar leads to boredom. The Jaycees offer a tremendous opportunity to dabble in the art of finding what drives you and eventually lead you to your passion.
Use the Jaycees as your spark to be able to dabble in experiences to find a good fit. Try new projects, serve on a committee you normally might not, take the step to serve on your local board of directors. You may just realize that there is much more to your passion than just having fun. Randomness and new experiences increases the likelihood that one of your interests may be just sparked into your passion.

Matthew A. Sernau
91st President
Michigan Junior Chamber

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