Plans, Preparations, and Implemention

Chief of Staff Adam Nelson


Congratulations on the start of your new year! We are see the hard work of chapters already making an impact. 

By now, you have made your plans, preparations, and are implementing them with an excited start. In the movie Hidalgo, Frank Hopkins and his mustang entered the great Arabian “Ocean of Fire” 3000-mile endurance race. When the starting gun goes off, all the other racers gallop off at full speed – and Frank saunters off telling Hidalgo it’s okay to pace yourself for the long race.

Your chapter may be starting off the way the other racers did. Keep in mind as you are chasing goals in membership growth and training, programming to impact your community, and finding ways to improve your chapter operations – the year is a marathon. Pace your excitement so you don’t burn out.

We know you have great events planned and Team 93 wants to be more than just spectators to your great race. Please invite us out with a personal invitation, instead of a passive invite we may miss on social media, so we can join in too. There is a great guide for State and National Officer Visit Protocol in the Document Library on the Michigan Jaycees website.

There is a lot to complete during this year’s race - Our challenge to you is to bite off more than you think you can chew - and then just keep chewing!

Adam J. Nelson
Chief of Staff
Senator #72491