Michigan JCI Senate

Senate Liaison Nina Perko, #73043

Greetings fellow Jaycees!

I decided to serve my last year as a Michigan Jaycee on the state board as the “senate liaison.” President Matt Sernau said I could basically do what I wanted with the position. So I would like to expand on the relationships that Steve Pickelmann began this past year.

I envision the senate liaison to be a go-between to keep the Senate apprised of what is going on in the Jaycees and educate the Jaycees on the Senate function and events. I would also like to work with Eric Roffe, training director, to help expand the utilization of Senate wisdom and experience. All of the Senators who presented during 2013 had a great experience and I know the Jaycees all loved hearing about leadership strategies from the Senators.  

My last goal is to create more awareness and fellowship between the two organizations. Most of the attendees at conference have no idea what the Senate is or does. Do you know what a JCI Senator is? Any idea what they can bring to your chapter? 

I would like to see more interaction at conference and potentially do an actual ‘event’ separate from conference that brings the Senate and the Jaycees together for a day or weekend outing to socialize and collaborate. Therefore, I would love your input. 

Please fill out this very short survey regarding such an event.

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