Membership Info You Need to Know!

Membership Vice President Sarah Ellis

Hello Michigan Jaycees!

Membership closeout for the 1st Quarter is March 25. Members who are on a monthly payment plan will automatically be renewed and do not need to take any action. Members who pay their dues annually will need to renew their membership via their chapter page on the MIJC website prior to the closeout date. 

MIJC Membership Closeout Dates for 2017 are as follows:

  • 1st Quarter – March 25
  • 2nd Quarter – June 25
  • 3rd Quarter – September 25
  • 4th Quarter – December 20

Members who make monthly payments will automatically be renewed.  Members who pay annually will need to pay their dues prior to the closeout date.  If you need a list of members that pay annually, please contact Membership Vice President Sarah Ellis.

Member Spotlight: The 2017 Membership Team wants ALL Jaycees to be able to nominate outstanding members for recognition. We recognize that not all of our members attend Leadership Conferences and that there are many members who are working hard behind the scenes that deserve recognition.

If you have a member in your chapter that goes above and beyond and deserves to be recognized, nominate that person for the Member Spotlight! The members selected for the Spotlight will be featured in the Michigander and on MIJC social media pages. If you would like to nominate a member, please e-mail me the following information:  

  • Your name
  • Name and chapter of the member you are nominating
  • 150 words explaining why you are nominating them
  • A photo of the person

Membership Tip of the Month:  Keep a prospective member list that your chapter reviews on a monthly basis. This can be done at either your board meetings or GMMs. When a prospective member attends a project or meeting, make sure you get their contact information. Make a plan of action to follow up with your prospective members. Call or e-mail them to thank them for attending your project. 

Are they on your e-mail list so they will know about future events? Are you inviting them to your projects or meetings? Make sure you communicate who will follow up with each prospect.