Membership Director Steve Pickelmann - March

Michigan Jaycees,
It was great to see the excitement at last weekend's Year-end Leadership Conference. Let's carry that excitement over to everyday life. Many chapters have added new members so far this year. It's always great to see a flame ignited in a new member. I love seeing new members get their batteries charged at conferences and step up to run their first project, or take new ideas to their chapter that they learned from another chapter.
It seems that many of you are settling down into your positions after being in them for two months. Here are a few notes and pointers for March:
1.  Rosters: If you see anything wrong with your roster (names misspelled, addresses wrong, emails wrong, or phone numbers wrong), please email me at:
2.  If you have a project, board meeting, GMM, or want a training, please ask myself or your district director to personally attend, and we will do our best to facilitate it.
3.  Quarterly close-out is officially March 23. I will however be at USJC National Convention in Nashville. For that reason, I'm asking chapters to have a majority of their members renewed by March 16. When I'm in Nashville, I won't have as much technological access. As of this morning (Sunday, March 1), there are still 207 members undecided.
4.  If you know that a member is for sure not renewing, please let me know at your earliest convenience via email, and I will get the roster updated.
Hope this finds you all well, and hope to see you around soon.


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