Membership Director Steve Pickelmann - Feb

Hello Michigan Jaycees,
Well, January has been a fun, yet busy month. Thank you, and that is to every chapter for turning in your Chapter Profile to the MJCs. This will allow our team to set up a calendar to be able to provide service to your chapter.  
Speaking of service for your chapter, this comes in three parts:
1.  Roster: If you see anything wrong with your roster (names misspelled; or wrong addresses, dates of birth, emails and phone numbers), please email me at:
2.  JC Member access: If you still do not know how to access, please contact me at the aforementioned email address.
3.  If you want myself, your district director, or someone else from the state board to come to a GMM, board meeting, a project, or set up a training, please make a personal invitation. Does this mean you need to make a formal invite and mail it? NOPE. We just don't want you to do a mass email or an invite on a Facebook invite to be the means of inviting us to your event/meeting. As long as you give us enough forward notice, we should be able to have some presence to help out your chapter.
We, as a state board, are here for your chapter as a resource. Use us! That is the reason we took on the responsibility to serve on the board.
As far as the membership renewals are concerned, your members can pay on an annual basis, or some chapters allow members to pay on a monthly basis. If you need help with this, please let myself or the DD team know.
As you have probably seen, members no longer renew on a monthly basis. For instance, my renewal month has always been April. This year, I am a second quarter renewal. With that, I'm looking for all of your first quarter renewals to be paid up by March 23. If you have any questions on that, have your chapter president contact myself or your district director.
Thank you, and I look forward to helping your chapter grow through activation and retention.

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