Membership Director Steve Pickelmann

Hello from Membership Land,

I hope that the holiday season has everyone feeling great. Now is the time where we start off strong in 2015. I am excited to serve the Michigan Junior Chamber in the membership director role this year. There is a team of District Directors who are very energetic, and will surely be out to see every chapter this year. They are: Jade Hunt for D1, Melissa Greko for D2, Ilona Castelein for D3, Jennifer Kurland for D4, and Erin Poltorak for D5. I’m really excited to work hand-in-hand with this group. I also plan to be out and about this year to travel to every chapter, near and far from Frankenmuth.
It will be a fun and exciting year coming up. Hopefully, by now, your district director has reached out to each local president.  They will be your first point of contact to the MIJC Board of Directors. 
The first month or so will be a trying time for me, as I will be learning more and more about the membership database, and with renewing/dropping/adding in members.  Bear with me on that. A few people have asked me how the process goes, so, here is the easiest way to renew/sign up to be a member:
   2.  Click on the chapter name on the left side of the screen
   3.  Fill out all of the information on the next screen, and click on “Continue to Paypal”
   4.  Yes, you need a Paypal account to go further.
As you can see, it is a pretty easy process to renew as a member.  From there, I will update  I plan on updating this every business day by 6 p.m., which for me is Monday through Friday.  I also plan on checking it over the weekend, but not as regularly as during the week.
Furthermore, if there is any way that I can assist any chapter with facilitating trainings or with other membership issues, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Here is my contact info:
Steve G. Pickelmann
Facebook:  Steve G Pickelmann
Phone:  989-860-3556

I look forward to helping bring “What’s Next” to your neck of the woods in 2015.