Member Spotlight - Shiela Little


Shiela Little

Nominated by: Allison Dakos

Chapter: Saginaw Jaycees

How Long a Jaycee: 3.5 years

The Saginaw Jaycees have been striving to find new and innovative ways to connect with our community. Shiela shared with the board a method her business uses and helped us develop that method into a wonderful new idea.

At the March BoD meeting, Shiela shared how her business, Access Business Solution Center, uses google hangouts to create videos which can then be shared on social media. With her help and input from the rest of the board, that idea became our Passion Podcast Series. Each month a different member of the Saginaw Jaycees will have the opportunity to create a video to showcase something they are passionate about. The board will then work with said member to create a project or event related to their passion, and potentially invite a speaker who works in that field to speak at our monthly GMM. So far, we have completed one month of the podcast, and it has already been a great success!

Thank you Shiela for sharing your knowledge and experience with the Saginaw Jaycees!