May Leadership Conference Training Update - Eric Roffe

We have lined up some exciting training opportunities based on your replies from Troy conference. Sessions will be limited to the morning to give everyone time to enjoy the water park or explore Traverse City.

I am still trying to work on a group deal to go visit a brewery or winery. More information will be available on that soon.

We will be doing preregistration for training sessions again. Sign up is now live and available by clicking here

The deadline for Training Registration is May 1st.

The training offerings are as follows:

Session 1

Red Alert! Navigating through obstacles, overcoming conflict and achieving obstacles through turbulence.
Heather Harris and Team
Join the 2015 Programming Team as we explore some of the challenges and opportunities that local officers face. We'll discuss activation, finding project managers and of course, people management.

Local Presidents Forum
Matthew A Sernau
Chapter Presidents only Forum

Lights Camera Action Part 2
Susan Dials

Aww Hell, I burnt the meat!
John Greko

So I have a project idea, now what?
Melissa Greko
Learn how to bring a project from an idea to making it happen

Session 2

Parliamentary Procedure - 201 (Steps & Motions)
David Worthams
You've heard about the six steps to handle any motion (Step 1 - Is NOT "Cut a hole in the box"). This May, you have a chance to take these steps to the next level. Join #87 as we talk about specific motions and how to use them in your board meetings. A training targeted towards board members, Presidents, and Chair-people of the Board, this is the training for those of you who need to get your Robert's on, but don't know how.

Public Speaking 201: Presence and Style
Jennifer Mansfield
Now that you’ve put your speech together, let’s talk about how you are going to deliver it. The words that are spoken have less than 20% of the impact of the presentation. Where do I stand? What do I do with my hands? Sometimes, silence really is golden… Take the next step in not hitting the “PANIC” button on stage.

Insurance 101
Steve Pickelmann
Come check out the finer points of insurance, as it pertains to chapters. We will touch briefly on the policy that the MIJC's have and what it covers. We will also talk about other options that you can purchase to cover your chapter's assets

Digital Docs Workshop
Dan Moellering
Learn how to use tools like Google Docs to communicate and share information with your chapter.

Making the Best of Your Chapter Fundraising Projects
Sarah Nelson
Learn ways to make your chapter fundraisers as successful as possible.

Once all information is finalized there will be a downloadable schedule on the May Conference Event Page.