2015 MIJC Election Information


Please consider and choose to lead at the next level!

The Michigan Jaycees is an exciting, action-packed organization designed for young adult members with leadership skills and experiences they can use in their everyday lives including home, work, communities, religious groups – you name it – and in other situations demanding leadership of self and others.  As a member, you have come to know concepts of what a leader must BE, must KNOW, and must DO.  Now you have the opportunity to mentor with clear focus on HOW TO.  Those leadership and mentor skills will come alive during the next step in your legacy of leadership.

When implementing leadership concepts with the traditional strength of the Jaycee experience, you’ll foster interconnection of individuals and work processes to develop a meaningful Jaycee message for member grass-root events improving your community. The quality of any Jaycee experience, whether a project event or any other member outing, is directly related to the leadership.  The stronger the leadership, the stronger the organization.

Leadership is key to the Junior Chamber success.

Stepping up to the next stage is the next logical starting place to your achievement.  To be clear, when you advance your Jaycees career to the next leadership level (from local to regional or regional to state) you are not being asked to DO everything that needs to get done but will be responsible for ensuring that everything GETS done.  You will not be alone.  In addition to the position description you are pursuing, you would be expected to simply continue the following:

  • Live by the Jaycee Creed.
  • Agree on a written vision of success for your term of office and a plan to get there.
  • Set a good example (dress, language, behavior).
  • Listen to others ideas and be fair.
  • Participate in the Jaycee leadership boot camp - LOTS.
  • Continue with your own advancement and recognition while serving.
  • Devote the time necessary to handle the responsibilities of the position.
  • Work with other Jaycee leaders to make the Jaycees successful, 
  • See that the organization runs well, grows, and meets the needs of the members.
  • Attend the leadership conferences (a leadership growth opportunity).

As a potential candidate; you’ve said yes! - - Now what?

First, read through the Elections Packet and complete the potential candidate application.  Second, ask your peers to nominate and second your choice to be an influencer of tomorrow’s leadership.  Submit both, along with other items listed in the Elections Packet appropriate for the position you desire, to the Elections Chair.

Annual Election Time Line:

  • August 18 – Certification Process Begins (completed before campaigning).  
  • August 29 – Meet the Candidates (MTC) at Service Center.
  • September 25 – End of 3rd Membership Quarter / Membership Deadline for Delegate Determination
  • October 2 – Elections.
  • October 3 – Run-Off Elections (as required) and Election Results announced.
  • October 4 – 2016 Appointments & Interest meeting

If you should have questions, contact your MIJC Elections Chair or committee members.

Best of Luck!

Matthew A. Sernau, 91st President
Adam J Nelson, Elections Chair
Peter Behrmann, Elections Committee Member
Raymond Russell Jr., 
Elections Committee Member