District Details

District 1 Director Ashley Adams

The final weeks of summer are here and D1 really made this season count for our communities. With tried and true red, white, and blue celebrations followed by a new volunteer experience here and there, our members have shown admirable commitment to the Jaycee cause. 

I'd like to extend an invitation to our entire Jaycee family to attend our District 1 social on August 6! We will be at Evergreen Golf Resort in Cadillac from noon to 3 p.m. If you have friends in the north who would be great potential members, send them our way!

Along with competitions, we will be exploring how "No" is a full sentence and can be used to ramp up personal confidence and ensure space for things you really want to say "Yes!" to. Cheers to a relaxing August, Jaycee Fam!

D1 Events
  • Cadillac: GMM with social at 5:30 p.m. August 2 at Evergreen Resort, Boat Float on Lake Mitchell at noon on August 5, D1 Social from noon to 3 p.m. August 6 at Evergreen, Fourth Friday Dinner on August 25.
  • Big Rapids: No event details available.
  • Ludington Area: Oakview Bingo at 6:45 p.m. August 4, Board Meeting at 6:30 p.m. August 7 and GMM at 6:30 p.m. August 21 at Mini-Golf Patio.
  • Manistee: No event details available.
  • Petoskey Area: No event details available.
  • Delta County: GMM with social at 5:30 p.m. August 8 at El Patron, Annual Duck Races on August 26. 

District 2 Director Rachael Eerdmans

I want to give a shout out to the chapter presidents in D2. This is an amazing hard working group of folks. Three cheers for Cara, Jamie, Josh, and Danielle! They are doing the work of leading their chapters and making an impact in their community. I encourage everyone to take the next step and lead like these folks have. Think about chairing a committee this fall or running for an executive board position… I promise the reward is worth the effort!

August is a great time to come to the west side of the state. Our chapters have some great community and social events planned and we would love to see you. I would like to make a special plug for the South Kent chapters Forest of Fear prep. They start working EVERY weekend in August to prepare the forest and would love any hours you can spare. 

D2 Events

District 3 Director Erin McKenzie

It's been a crazy hectic summer for me with my family and business. The Jaycees have, if I'm honest, been on the back burner. I love my Jaycee family, and one of the things I love the most is that through every season of my life, this organization grows and changes with me, and I can adjust how much "I Jaycee" depending on what life transitions I'm going through.

From a single girl starting off a career, through marriage and a baby, and running a real state team this group means different things at different times and I love it! Remember to give your fellow members a bit of grace when they are in a life season that our organization isn't #1 on the list of priorities, love them and support them through every season and they'll be back and even more dedicated in the next season. 

D3 Events
  • Lansing: No event details available.
  • Kalamazoo: No event details available.
  • Ann Arbor: No event details available.
  • Ionia: No event details available.

District 4 Director Dan Moellering

Wow, this summer has been busy! I have been hanging with some great people and having fun, and look forward to hanging out with you all in Wyandotte on August 16 for the D4 Social! The social is taking place at what sounds like a really cool location, Whiskeys on the Water.

Besides some great competition and training opportunities, the social will be a lot of fun. I look forward to seeing each and every one of you!

D4 Events
  • Wyandotte: Wine Crawl on August 18, in need of volunteers. Haunted House construction starting soon.
  • Westland Area: Changing the Conversation on Adult Anti-Bullying on August 1. Blues, Brews and BBQ on August 5, Kids Day in the Park on August 12, International Dinner at 3 Brothers on August 13, Rally for Westland on August 19, Suicide Prevention Conference on September 9, Moving On Up on September 12, and Pub Crawl on September 30.
  • Livonia: Annual Bar Crawl on August 12.
  • Central Woodward: Labor Day Weekend's Arts, Bests, & Eats, look for more details on the Fall Crawl.
  • Rochester Area:  2nd Annual Rally for Rochester 5K Fun Run on August 20. Runners and volunteers needed!
  • Redford: Jaycee Week from August 13 to 19 and the Rally for Redford/Michigan on August 19.
  • South Lyon: Look for more details on an August Cornhole Tournament, September Pumpkin Fest and October bar crawl.
  • Farmington Area: Rally for Farmington on August 19.

District 5 Director Christy Kuczynski

Perception vs. reality… Have you ever thought about the difference?  What if I told you your perception IS your reality?

When you are facing any life situation, how you chose to approach it, the emotional baggage you bring along and how you react (your perception) will ultimately lead to your reality.

We all have opportunities in our lives to change our realities through our perceptions.  Sometimes we nail it and our experiences are positive and other times we end up feeling like we got smacked with an ugly stick…  When and in which way that happens, is entirely up to you.

You create your reality.

Think of a problem you’re facing, how you can shift your perception to make it an opportunity? Can you face a fear and tell it to pound sand? Can you take a moment to realize that what annoys you about someone else is likely something that bothers you about yourself, and then maybe cut yourself and them a bit of slack? Can you set pride aside and develop a stronger relationship by trusting someone to help? Can you appreciate the struggle and just stop struggling?

Yes, YOU can, go make it a great reality.

Tell us what you are up to on our Facebook pages: MIJC District 5 and MIJC Post It Here!

D5 Events

  • AuburnNo event details available.
  • Burton:  Canoe Trip at noon August 12 at Hinchman Acres in Mio.
  • Frankenmuth: No event details available.
  • Saginaw: No event details available.
  • Midland: No event details available.
  • Mt. Pleasant: No event details available.
  • Clare Area: No event details available.