District 5 Director Erin Poltorak

Happy New Year Michigan Jaycees!
D5 is ready to bring in 2015 with a bang. Starting out in January, I wanted to introduce you to the presidents leading the way in 2015.
Auburn Jaycees
Crystal Hickmott: I have been a Jaycee since Cornfest July 2011. And some would say I have a laugh like Minnie Mouse! Join Auburn for 
Snowball Softball on Feb. 28!
Burton Area Jaycees
Sarah Ellis: I work at Davison Legal Associates, P.C. in downtown Davison. I've been a Jaycee since March 2012. And I've seen more than 100 bands in concert.
Frankenmuth Jaycees
Christy Kuczynski: I am a third year member of the Frankenmuth Jaycees. I work at Frankenmuth Insurance Company as a Network Analyst. I love to read, paint, and volunteer.  I can cook a mean piece of salmon and curl my tongue completely backwards.  I have a son, Jackson - he is Frankenmuth's "first dude" this year as I am a single lady and can't call my husband first gentleman! Join Frankenmuth for
Snowfest from Jan. 22-25.
Midland Jaycees
Kari Neise: I have been a Jaycee for 16 months. I have been an independent Arbonne consultant for nine and a half years!
Mt. Pleasant Jaycees
Bryan Wieferich: I'm a certified financial planner and I have my own office for Waddell & Reed in Mt. Pleasant. I've been a Jaycee since 2002 (first with Kentwood when I was living in Grand Rapids, and now with Mt. Pleasant for the past 10 years). My simple, fun fact is that I was born on Christmas!
Erin Ludwig: I am a Business Account Executive in Mt. Pleasant for Charter Business. I have been a Jaycee since 2004. My fun fact is that I graduated college with my bachelors in three years.
Saginaw Jaycees
Allison Dakos: I work at Gym Jester Gymnastics in Saginaw. I have been a Jaycee since May 2013, but attended meetings and events since January 2013. I'm a buckeye on the inside, originally from Oberlin Ohio. I moved here after college for an internship and fell in love with the area.
D5 treasures lie in Human Personality! “Stand Up, Speak Up, Show Up”.