District 4 Director James Hart - Feb

Hello fellow Jaycees!
Being a Jaycee is no simple task. If it were, everyone would do it. With that said, there are a lot of people out there who simply do not know about this organization and that is unfortunate. I am one of those that didn’t find the Jaycees until well into my 30’s and it took two years before I became more involved. I think when we look into ourselves, it is not hard to find some answers to our membership decline in the younger segment. We aren’t showing the value proposition.

This is an organization that offers social outlets, opportunity for professional development, and effective networking. Working hard to address each need individually, as opposed to picking one or the other can be the key. It will be exciting to see how this year's crop of new leaders will help usher in a new mindset and focus on these core areas. With value, comes interest. With interest, comes growth.

Another often overlooked benefit is our influence in this organization. While some chapters may only have 20 or so members, their loud and respected voice within their community is very much present. On the district levels, we have hundreds of young active citizens who command an audience and can accomplish amazing things when working together. Collectively, we are also ALL Michigan Jaycees. An organization of nearly 1000 members who can make a very loud statement and impact when we work together.

As we all continue our planning for 2016, let's address some big problems together and use some critical thinking to make some big impact! We are plenty big enough to not only give a man a fish, but to teach him how to fish as well.

GMM Schedule and Presidents for D5: 

  • Wyandotte: 2nd Tuesdays @ the Copeland Center, President: Elizabeth Mullins
  • Westland: 7PM, 1st Tuesdays @ the Westland City Hall, President: Sarah Austin
  • Redford: 3rd Mondays @ the Redford Jaycee Hall, President: Dan Borsuck
  • Livonia: 3rd Tuesdays @ the Livonia Chamber of Commerce, President: John Badeen
  • Central Woodward: 7PM, 3rd Tuesdays @ the Salter Center, President: Taryn Anderson
  • Rochester Area: 2nd Thursdays @ the Rochester Community House, President: Beth Michaels
  • South Lyon: 1st Mondays @ the South Lyon Hotel, President: Nikki Gilinski
  • Plymouth Canton: 4th Wednesdays @ the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce, President: Leslie Botts

​February Michigander​