District 2 Director Julia Klein - May

Good Day Michigan Jaycees!

You already a third of the way through the year!  Wow is it ever flying by. How are you stepping out of your comfort zone? We all have our comfort zone  and we like to stick with because it is exactly that, comfortable.

What about expanding that comfort zone with friends, with family, with your career and with the Jaycees? What does this mean.....try something new, volunteer to take on a new task at work. Look to get to know other Jaycees better. Start with those members you don't know very well in your local chapter, then go get to know a neighboring chapter by helping with a project or attending a social. Then try getting to know those from chapters in your district. Eventually before you know it you will be making friends with other Jaycees across this great state.

"If stepping outside of your box" is a problem, then you have the power to create a bigger box. Here is a great reference for more ideas:

Upcoming Events:
  • Allegan- June 17 Bridge Fest in Allegan down on the Riverfront Plaza 7pm
  • Grand Rapids- June 11 Relay for Life Downtown Ah-Nab-Awen-Park 12pm-12am
  • Greater Muskegon- May 18 Join the Attack against Childhood Hunger Muskegon Central  United Methodist Church 1011 2nd St Muskegon MI 49440 6-7pm
  • May 21 Muskegon Jaycee Boat Launch Clean Up 2912 Lakeshore Dr Muskegon MI 10am-12pm 
  • Lakeview- June 17-18 Summerfest Main St in Lakeview starts around 5pm on Friday 
  • South Kent- June 11 Binder Park Zoo Day 10am 
  • Allegan- 1st Thursday of every month 7 PM at Griswold auditorium 401 Hubbard St., Allegan, MI 49010 
  • Grand Rapids- 2nd Thursday of every month 5:30 PM at celebration cinema north to 121 Celebration Dr. NE Grand Rapids MI 49525
  • Greater Muskegon- 4th Thursday of every month 5:30 PM at Muskegon country club 2801 Lakeshore Dr., Muskegon, MI 49441
  • Lakeview- 3rd Wednesday of every month 7pm at Alley Cat Bar & Grill 9775 N. Greenville Rd., Lakeview, MI 48850
  • South Kent- Monday May 23rd 630pm Byron Family Restaurant Byron Center 2527 84th  St SW Byron Center MI 49315