Creating a Smooth Transition

Programming VP Jocelyn Moellering

Hello Michigan Jaycees!

My team and I are always amazed at the submissions from all of you. Your hard work, dedication, and commitment to bettering yourselves and your communities is evident in so many ways.

Congratulations to those who brought home some much-deserved recognition and congratulations to everyone who submitted their chapter plans, Civic Leadership Certification forms, Single Project Entries, incentives, degrees, chapter of the trimester forms, and to all the amazing competitors!

Third trimester is full of haunts, giving, and holiday cheer. My personal favorite projects in my home chapter of Rochester are in third trimester! But it's also a busy time preparing for the transitions to next year's leadership.

At our training at September conference, we talked about best practices for creating a smooth transition between boards. Here are a few of the ideas that were shared:

  • Create a timeline for projects, forms, etc., especially for the First Trimester
  • Use websites, newsletters, etc. that are easy to update (don't require an IT person!)
  • Start early! have co-chairs that will be next year's chairs
  • Job shadowing your position between boards 
  • Define board position roles - be specific!
  • Hold a board interest meeting before nominations
  • Create and share a list of useful contact information
  • Use an online storage system, such as Google Drive or DropBox, and include instruction on how to use it
  • Consider having the out-going board plan the early-year projects
  • Conduct a chapter planning session!