Chief of Staff Melissa Greko - May

This past December our oldest daughter hit a milestone, public speaking. It was a huge accomplishment for her. At ten years old she has been the quieter of our two girls. She is an observer, she has never been one to jump in first. She evaluates the situation then proceeds with caution. So when she came home and told John & I she volunteered to be one of the presenters at the school’s monthly assembly we were beyond shocked. We had been trying for years to get her to participate more in class, to go play with new kids on the playground or at one of our BBQ Competitions, or talk when she met new Jaycees at functions we were at.

Fast forward to today. Four months later she has really broken out of her shell. She participates more in class and she doesn’t get as nervous in front of people. That day she presented at the assembly she broke out of her comfort zone. You could see how proud she was of herself breaking through that invisible barrier.

As parents is our job to push our kids to be the best they can be. I know my parents did that to me. I didn’t always like it, but always was thankful after the fact.

As Jaycees, we have that same responsibility to ourselves, to each other and to our communities. In my 14+ years of being a Jaycee I can honestly say that I have done at least one thing every year in the organization that has taken me out of my own comfort zone. Whether it was chairing a new project, helping a newer member, being interviewed by the media, or yes even speaking in front of all of you at at conference, I did it and was so thankful I challenged myself to do so.

We did not become Jaycees to sit on the side lines. We joined to make a difference, an impact on oursleves, on each other and in our communities. Do not waste these moments – act now!

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May Michigander