Challenges = Opportunities

Chief of Staff Adam Nelson

Every nonprofit has challenges affecting its members and leadership. What are yours? A few common challenges include getting recognized in the community, fundraising, finding and developing lasting leadership, having common goals and objectives, and finding active members. Bear in mind, these challenges are not unique even though they may feel specific to your case; others have experienced them too. 

Changing your mindset to view challenges as “opportunities” will keep you in an optimistic attitude to tackle them.  This will be important to find success in taking advantage of these opportunities. 

Finding and developing lasting leadership is a good one to begin working toward today. While the next election of board members may seem far off, don’t delay in mentoring your next team to take on a future leadership role. 

Do you see someone with a passion for the organization’s mission, just not with confidence or specific skills to take on their next role? These individuals need projects and events (opportunities) throughout the year to gain necessary tools (developed skills) to take on more responsibility.

What’s lacking for up-and-coming leaders you’ve identified? Will each be ready with the right tools? Consider planning a public speaking opportunity, extending an invitation to participate in event budgeting, involving them in brainstorming exercises, or holding group social activities to create strong team bonds. All of these opportunities  will help you confirm if the next leader is ready or help you find the diamond-in-the-ruff member to nominate during elections.

We’ve been chewing on great opportunities already – keep on pursuing greatness by continuing to chew through the challenges and you will find your successful goal starting to materialize before too long.

Jaycee on my friends!

Adam J. Nelson
Chief of Staff
Senator #72491