Campaign 2016 FAQ


Who may vote?

A Local Chapter (a ‘member’ of the Michigan Junior Chamber) in good standing shall be entitled to register delegates to represent its members who may vote on the Local Chapter’s behalf at any meeting of the Corporation.

Voting Members of the Michigan Junior Chamber Board of Directors shall also be entitled to register as delegates to vote at any meeting of the Corporation.


How many delegates is my chapter allowed to register? 

A Local Chapter (a ‘member’ of the Michigan Junior Chamber) may register the number of delegates based upon their final membership population on September 25, 2015.

Chapter Membership Number of Delegates (max.)*
 20-49 Up to 4
50-74 6
75-99 8
100-124 10
125-149 12






* Except, only one delegate from each chapter shall vote for the election of the District Director of their represented district.


How are delegates selected?

Delegates may be selected in any manner determined by the Local Chapter they represent; however, no voting member of the Michigan Junior Chamber Board of Directors may be selected as a delegate of a Local Chapter Member. Individual members shall only become a registered delegate for one chapter, of which they are a member.


Does a delegate have to be registered for the Leadership Conference in order to cast a vote?

No.  A local chapter or its delegate does NOT have to be registered or attend the Leadership Conference to be eligible to vote. However, the delegate must be present during the allotted voting times to cast his/her vote AND present their Photo ID.  There are no absentee votes or proxies.


How does my chapter register our voting delegates?

Delegates must register between 6:00 pm and 12:30 am EST on the Friday evening/Saturday morning of the Annual Meeting. Photo ID will be required.  The President of the Local Chapter may register the delegates of the Local Chapter and receive their delegate cards.

In the event the President will not be in attendance at the annual meeting or assembly, then the President may submit a list of delegates to the Secretary (Michelle Kelley), IN ADVANCE OF THE MEETING OR ASSEMBLY. Failure to register delegates in this fashion constitutes waiver of a Local Chapter vote allotted to a delegate.


What happens if a delegate is not accredited to vote?

In the event any proposed delegate is not accredited, because the Local Chapter has exceeded its allotment of delegates, the Local Chapter is not in good standing, or the proposed delegate is not in good standing as an individual member, a representative of the Corporation (Michigan Junior Chamber) shall promptly inform the proposed delegate of the deficiency. Unless the deficiency can be rectified immediately, the proposed delegate shall not be registered.


In other words, if your chapter owes money to the Michigan Junior Chamber for dues, insurance, or other reasons; or your chapter is does not have the minimum number of members to qualify as a chapter not on probation; Local Chapter delegates will not be certified as delegates and may not vote - unless the funds are paid immediately or the minimum number of members requirement is met.


What is the voting procedure?

Delegates will come to the poll and present their delegate card AND Photo ID for a ballot. Photo ID shall be required of every delegate regardless of office. Ballots will be taken to the polling booth, completed, and placed in locked ballot boxes. Delegates will not be allowed to leave the polling area with their ballots. Exit polling shall not be permitted. The poll shall close at 1 am EST, on Saturday morning of the Leadership Conference; or earlier once all delegates have exited the polling area.


How is the elected candidate determined?

The Elections Committee shall declare a winner in any race where one candidate has received greater than fifty percent (50%) of the ballots cast. In the event of a tie, the Elections Committee shall inform the Local Organization (Chapter) Delegates at the Saturday morning business meeting. The committee shall announce rules for a second vote (run-off election). The committee may eliminate one candidate from consideration on subsequent ballots provided that candidate received the fewest votes on the previous ballot.  A candidate running in a non-contested race shall also be required to receive greater than fifty percent (50%) of the ballots cast to be declared a winner in that race.


How are the results announced?

The election results shall be announced following the business meeting by the Elections Committee Chairperson, or a designee of the Chairperson. The announcement will be made by announcing each candidate, the vote total received and declaring the winner. No other details of the vote tally will be released to anyone without a ruling for such from the Evaluations Committee. The Legal Counsel shall certify the outcome of the election.