2017 Leadership Team

A Message From Your Chief of Staff, Adam Nelson

Welcome to 2017!  

Take my word for it – your leadership team is excited to take on the challenging goals of the new year! We choose to be Together as One to further develop a lasting legacy of leadership and grow your membership, not because these goals are easy but because they are hard and have purpose.

In my 16 years working as an architect, I have led various-sized teams tackling small renovations to multi-million dollar developments throughout the United States. I’ve enjoyed the challenge of envisioning the design, developing the details, forecast budgets, arbitrating conflict, and experiencing the client’s excitement of their new environment. 

During that time, I’ve been a Royal Oak and Central Woodward Jaycee for 13 years. The Junior Chamber has provided the opportunity to engage in my community at all levels. As a former chapter president, district and region director, or executive vice president, I am thankful for the opportunity to work with like-minded Jaycees in service to our communities.

In addition to the board members included in the first Michigander newsletter of 2017, Team 93 also includes the following team members who are available to support you:

Secretary - Steven S. Fappas
Finance Director - John Greko
Deputy Finance Director - Kristin Garstka
Corporate & Government Relations Director - John Badeen
Legal Counsel - Travis Dafoe
Mid-America – Primary - Michelle McAllister
Mid-America – Secondary - Jay Johnson
Presidents' Coach - James Hart
Executive Presidential Assistant - Beth Plant
Chaplain - Michael Walsh

I truly look forward to supporting each Jaycee member and Jaycee chapter as they pursue their goals  in communities across Michigan. Should you need a friend in your corner during this upcoming year or beyond – I am here for you!

Adam J. Nelson
Chief of Staff
Senator #72491


2017 Board of Directors


Board of Directors Name Contact Email
93rd President Peter Behrmann pBehrmann@mijaycees.org
Chairman of the Board Steven Pickelmann spickelmann@mijaycees.org
Chief of Staff Adam Nelson anelson@mijaycees.org
Chief Operations Officer Anna Versalle aversalle@mijaycees.org
Programming Vice President Jocelyn Moellering jmoellering@mijaycees.org
State Membership Director Sarah Ellis sellis@mijaycees.org
Secretary Steven S. Fappas SFappas@mijaycees.org
Finance Director John Greko jgreko@mijaycees.org
Deputy Finance Director Kristin Garstka kgarstka@mijaycees.org
Communication & Technology Director Jessica Haynes jhaynes@mijaycees.org
Corporate & Government Relations Director John Badeen jbadeen@mijaycees.org
Legal Counsel Travis Dafoe tdafoe@mijaycees.org
D1 Director Ashley Adams aadams@mijaycees.org
D2 Director Rachel Eerdmans reerdmans@mijaycees.org
D3 Director Erin McKenzie emckenzie@mijaycees.org
D4 Director Dan Moellering dmoellering@mijaycees.org
D5 Director Christy Kuczynski ckuczynski@mijaycees.org
Training Director Nikki Glinski nglinski@mijaycees.org
Auxiliary Officers Name Contact Email
Mid-America - Primary Michelle McAllister mmcallister@mijaycees.org
Mid-America - Secondary Jay Johnson jjohnson@mijaycees.org
Presidents' Coach James Hart jhart@mijaycees.org
Executive Presidential Assistant Beth Plant bplant@mijaycees.org
MIJC Senate Liaison Mike Kandah mkandah@mijaycees.org
Chaplain Michael Walsh chaplain@mijaycees.org
Elections Chair    
ONTO Chair    
Committee Assignments Name Contact Email
Programming Director Hollie Olson holson@mijaycees.org
Programming Director Julia Klein JKlein@mijaycees.org
Programming Director April Hendryx ahendryx@mijaycees.org
Production Team Chris Crawford ccrawford@mijaycees.org
Production Team Ilona Castelein icastelein@mijaycees.org
Production Team Jessica McGeorge JMcGeorge@mijaycees.org
Training Team Beth Michaels bmichaels@mijaycees.org
Training Team Chris Buehrer cbuehrer@mijaycees.org
Communications Team Erin Poltorak epoltorak@mijaycees.org
Communications Team Justin Roggenbuck jroggenbuck@mijaycees.org