2014 Year End Conference - March


I wanted to take a moment to recognize some people that helped to make the year-end conference a success. 

  • Emcee - Jim Williams
  • DJ - Derek Brunt and Dave Worthams
  • Production Team - Jon and Shannon Dehring, Emma Baranowski, Nadia Brunt and Rose Peruski
  • Tech Team - Anna Versalle and Dan Moellering
  • Programming Team - Tom Quackenbush, Heather Harris, Lauren Leeds and Jennifer Mansfield
  • And everyone on the 2014 and 2015 board of directors who assisted with hospitality. Obviously we couldn't do this without the continued support of our members. We appreciate your attendance and we hope you had a great time.

Finally a sincere thanks to our sponsors: Big Rapids Jaycees, Transnation Title Agency, 123.Net, The Somerset Collection, Allstate Insurance, Men on the Move, Erin McKenzie, Precision Blades, Wayne State University College of Engineering. A special thanks to the Westland Jaycees for assisting with the casino games at the Speakeasy party. 


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